5 Questions To Ask Before Marriage To Confirm You’re Doing The Correct Thing

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Questions To Ask Before Marriage

5 Questions To Ask Before Marriage To Confirm You’re Doing The Correct Thing

We all get married to someone or the other at some point or the other, but have you ever thought about your life and how your married life will go? Therefore, this is a genuine question which people often ask, What are the questions to ask before marriage from astrologer. It is necessary to clear all the uncertain thoughts and get proper guidance for all our issues.

Astrology is a field of study that helps to know about the positions of stars and planets that can affect the events of life. In a similar way, Astrologers make it easy for us to know about the problems of our lives and come up with the best solution.

These are the people who have great knowledge of astrology and they observe the stars and positions of the planets to give us the perfect way to solve our problems.

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions in life as it directly shapes the future of the couple and their families as well. Therefore, it is necessary to consult an astrologer before deciding to get married and ask the astrologer all these 7 questions to ask before marriage, so that you can know about your married life.

This will make us understand our current situation, upcoming issues and their remedies. It will also give us an insight into the compatibility with our partner and how our future is going to be.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to consult the best astrologer and clear all our doubts. We should have clarity about our future partner before getting married. For this, we will know more about the questions that we should ask from the astrologer before getting married.

5 Questions To Ask Before Marriage

What Are 5 Questions to Ask an Astrologer About Marriage?

Find the answer to all your questions and know how astrology can help you to check the compatibility with your partner. These are the 7 questions to ask before marriage that you should ask from your astrologer.

#1. Favorable Dates and Time

The most important and frequently asked question is about the date and time that will be favorable for the marriage. Favorable dates for marriage in astrology are the dates that are best for any auspicious work.

On a similar side, the favorable timing for marriage in astrology symbolizes the duration in which the planets will give some fruitful results. So, make sure you are consulting a good astrologer before making such a big decision in your life and making your wedding memorable.

It is very important to understand the favorable dates and time about your marriage according to an astrologer, so when you are ready to get married then you should ask this important questions to ask before marriage.

#2. Compatibility or Kundli Matching

If you want to know what are the 5 questions to ask before marriage, we will tell you that one of the best questions is "what is the compatibility or horoscope matching to get a happy partner".

Matching the Kundli or checking the compatibility of your partner is one of the most important things to do before marriage. This process helps to know about the positions of the planets and horoscopes of the partner to match the gunas of the partner.

It is necessary to ask about the alignment of celestial bodies in the Kundlis of both partners with the help of your birth chart as it will give an idea about how your marital life is going to be. 

#3. Lord of 7th House

The Lord of the 7th House is steadily related to your marriage and love life, as it is strictly believed in astrology that the Lord of the 7th House brings love and peace to your life. Make sure to ask the question to have clarity about your ruling Lord and planet. 

#4. Analysis of All the Dashas 

Dashas are the periods that help to analyze the durations that are good or bad for an individual. It gives an insight into the strengths and weaknesses that are associated with you as per the kundli.  Therefore, you must ask your astrologer about the influence of the planets on your life, to know about all the Dashas. 

#5. Healing Methods and Further Guidance  

It becomes your duty to get the best key for your future and this is only possible if you choose the best astrologer. You should ask your astrologer about the solution to your problems to have a lovely married life. 

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Conclusion: 5 Questions To Ask Before Marriage

Let's summarize the topic now. So, we have already explained the important points that need to be considered before getting married. Now, it is your duty to get a perfect direction and understand your potential. 

Connect to Astrologer Vijay Verma to fix all your problems whether it be your love life, married life, negative energy, health issues and many more. Contact him to remove all the hurdles from your life and have a healthier and relaxing life. Thank you for reading this post, we would be happy to share with you all these 5 questions to ask before marriage from astrologer.

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