Astrology is a practice in which an astrologer observes the position of the stars and the planets, which affect our lifestyle. While talking about astrology, many of us question “Is Sidereal Astrology More Accurate Than Tropical Astrology?

There is a huge debate about this topic and people want to know which astrology is the best to predict their future. They need to know about the right way by which they can have ideas about their stars.

So, we will know about both these astrology types and then come to a conclusion, to get an accurate answer.  If you want to know about the connection between your past, present and future, astrology is the best way. Let us discuss what sidereal and tropical astrology is, and which one is more accurate.

What is Sidereal Astrology?

Sidereal  Astrology is used in Vedic astrology and is mainly practiced in the Eastern World. Vedic astrology is based on the current position of the celestial bodies, which helps to predict your future. As per astrology, with time, there is a change in the dates of the sidereal zodiac.

What is Tropical Astrology

Tropical astrology is commonly known as Western astrology, which is based on the movement of the major planets. It has been seen that the dates of tropical astrology do not change. Its prediction is based on the position of the stars (which were positioned more than two thousand years ago). It is considered that tropical astrology gives a more accurate result and focuses on the concerns that are practical. 

Is Sidereal Astrology More Accurate Than Tropical Astrology?

Is Sidereal Astrology More Accurate Than Tropical Astrology

Before knowing about the accuracy of something, let us know about the difference between them and their working process. 

If we talk about the current situation, most astrologers practice tropical astrology, but that does not mean tropical astrology is the best. Sidereal astrology explains the actual relation between the zodiac stars, whereas, tropical astrology is more accessible nowadays and this is the reason why people are trusting tropical astrology.  

Sidereal astrology has a cultural root and has been followed from ancient times, which means it is connected to our culture. It has been seen that sidereal astrology claims to be more accurate, precise and it gives exact information about the individuals. Sidereal astrology is done by analyzing the life events as it predicts the actual position of the stars.

On the other hand, tropical astrology is the approach that is accepted by everyone and people have a strong belief in it. Its popularity has made it a default choice for the people, as the astrologers are following this and the people who have no idea about it, start believing it to be the best. It is a simple and practical way of astrology and that is why people are getting more attracted towards it and following it. Along with this, tropical astrology has a deep connection with Western tradition, so people find it very close to their lives.

Some people have a question “Why is sidereal astrology wrong?”

So, we can say that tropical astrology is based on the positions of the planets, whereas sidereal astrology does not have any connection with the impacts of planets. People are becoming more practical nowadays and that is the reason, their interest has shifted towards tropical astrology. Sidereal and Tropical astrology have their own importance and ways of predicting anyone’s future. Therefore, it would be not right, to mention any of these wrong. Many people consider sidereal to be the right one, and many denote tropical astrology as a good one. 

It would be better to take the help of an astrologer and know about your future in detail. An astrologer will help you make decisions properly and will also give you remedies to all your issues.

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Conclusion: Is Sidereal Astrology More Accurate Than Tropical Astrology?

After knowing about all these points, it can be said that our future depends on the positions of our stars and planets. These affect our life events by influencing our emotions, careers, relationships, and everything related to our lives. At this point of time, people believe in practical things and that is the reason for their inclination toward tropical astrology.

It totally depends on your belief about which is best, sidereal astrology or tropical astrology. Every other person has a different point of view, so it would be better to consult an astrologer and know about your future.