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significance and attributes of houses in astrology

Houses In Vedic Astrology (Significance & Attributes)

In this era, almost every one of us wants to know about the significance and attributes of houses in astrology as it connects them with the future and the best way to get all your answers is astrology. We believe in astrology because it gives us ideas to work on our mistakes and improve our future.

Astrology is a process of forecasting events by making assumptions that are based on the celestial bodies. So, while talking about astrology, it is important to know about the Houses that are the most important component of astrology.

Houses are the traits, personalities, characteristics, and abilities of humans that are attached to particular zodiac signs. As a result, it's critical to understand the characteristics and significance of each astrological house.

significance and attributes of houses in astrology

How Many Houses Are There in Astrology?

Houses in astrology show the‌ nature, qualities, and capabilities of the people, based on the positions of their stars and planets, as every house has different significance and attributes of houses in astrology.

There are twelve houses in astrology that mainly represent the inner personality and outer expectations of the human being. In essence, people want to know what the houses mean in astrology and what characteristics they have?

We will know about all these points, but before that, should know about the houses and the particular components that they represent. We need to understand that every house has its own features, characteristics, nature, and identity. So, we can say that all these houses represent special aspects of our lives.

12 Significance And Attributes of Houses In Astrology

While talking about houses in astrology, it is necessary to understand their values first. Below is a detailed discussion of the significance and attributes of houses in astrology:

✓ First House - (Self)

The first house in astrology represents "self", which mainly reflects the way you see yourself and the significance and attributes of houses in astrology. It usually means your nature, your appearance, the frame of your body, and your health. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is associated with hustler lifestyles, it rules this house.

✓ Second House- (Value)

This house shows your “value”, which means your income, your position in society, and all your belongings. The second house is associated with the Tauras, as it is appreciated and aligned with luxury. 

✓ Third House- (Communication)

The third house in astrology is all dedicated to your “communication”, which means your ability to interact with people and interchange your ideas. Gemini rules this house, as this zodiac sign symbolizes learning and interaction. 

✓ Fourth House- (Family and Home)

It shows “family and home”, your relation with your family, your traditions, your history, and many more. This house is ruled by Cancer because it is somewhere related to all the emotional needs and communication that is required for building a relationship.

✓ Fifth House- (Creativity and Capability)

The fifth house in astrology shows the “creativity and capability” of a person to do any particular thing in life. It represents Leo's zodiac sign, as Leo controls the expressions and art. 

✓ Sixth House- (Health and Wellness)

This house is dedicated to your “health and wellness”, which shows your daily habits and commitment to doing your tasks. It is ruled by Virgo as it represents the organized, healthy, and well-settled daily routine of humans. 

✓ Seventh House- (Relationship)

While talking about the seventh house, we should say that it is the most important house that displays the bond in our “relationship”. This house is controlled by Libra, which means a good balance in our bonds in every possible way. 

Eighth House- (Transformations) 

The eighth house in astrology means a sudden change or event in your life, which usually means “transformations”. It is governed by the Scorpio zodiac, as it is a symbol of transformation and emotion. 

✓ Ninth House- (Knowledge)

This house defines “Knowledge”, which includes all your dreams, truth, and principles that you follow in your life. Sagittarius controls this house, as it has been considered a sign of wisdom and learning. 

✓ Tenth House- (Career)

The tenth house reveals your “career” and the ambition that you have to achieve all your dreams. It is ruled by Capricorn because it stands for self-determination and motivates one to go for new things in life. This also helps you to become goal-oriented and focus on improving your tendencies. 

✓ Eleventh House- (Prosperity)

This house shows “prosperity”, which means your income, wealth, and your name in society. The eleventh house is governed by Aquarius, as Aquarius represents freedom and thinking out of the box. So, this denotes our associations and our ability to fulfill all our dreams. 

✓ Twelfth House- (Spirituality

It is the last house of astrology and notifies to end the cycle with “spirituality”. This house is ruled by Pisces, which signifies imagination and intuition at the same time. This is nothing but an explanation that there should be spirituality and awareness in our lives. 

So, it has been seen that the significance of houses in astrology and attributes of houses in astrology presents the actual image of the person. These are responsible for creating this life circle and all the happenings. Attributes of houses in a horoscope mean that these houses have some significant role in everyone’s life.

How Many Houses Are There in Astrology

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Conclusion- Significance and Attributes of Houses in Astrology 

After summarizing all the points, we can say that these houses represent our behavior, personalities, habits, and appearances. These houses are categorized on the basis of unique attributes and rule our lives accordingly.

Astrology has a great role in shaping our future and these houses are one of the best ways to know about our demerits and work on it. So, if we are talking about the significance and attributes of houses in astrology, we must have proper knowledge about them.

All our knowledge, dreams, actions, and beliefs are associated with these houses in astrology and we should think properly before making any decision in life. 

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